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Exciting Changes and Rebirth News

Visit us at ONE Yoga Sanctuary’s new website:


Dear Yoga Chandra Community:  


As we approach almost ONE Year since the departure of our beloved teacher, Kim Nichols Cech, the moment has come for a REBIRTH.


I’m excited to announce that after 12 months of “labor,” we’ll be opening a NEW studio on January 1st 2014.  It will be called “ONE Yoga Sanctuary.” One Earth,One Mind, One Love, One Yoga, ONE Y’All!


This is a new baby with a very old soul. We’ll use the same beautiful space as Yoga Chandra Center, and we’ll feature all Your incredible teachers. We’ll continue with the deep practice of yoga and meditation, in the loving spirit of service and devotion.


What’s new will be:
* the website;
* an online payment and check in system; and
* a reorganized space for props and studio business.
ALL student cards will, of course, be honored in the New Year.


Please mark your calendars for the following:


Friday, December 20th 6pm
Candle Lit Soulful Celebration
You +The LIGHT within~
Led by Your Teachers,
Donation-based class
7.30 pm, Pot luck, Tea ~
This will be our last class as Yoga Chandra Center, as WE HONOR OUR BELOVED TEACHER Kim Nichols Cech~


Tuesday, December 23 Wednesday, January 1 –Studio will be closed for renovations, No regular classes. Please check back for updates, or e-mail us at


Tuesday, December 31 – 6:00 PM – Midnight, Open studio for anyone to pray, meditate, or practice on their own.


Weds, January 1 – NEW MOON Celebration, class for all levels, featuring multiple teachers, First Class as ONE Yoga Sanctuary~
Please check our new Facebook page for times and updates:
…and Like us!


* Thursday, January 2 – Regular classes resume.
 5:45 PM special Kundalini Yoga class dedicated to Kim Nichols Cech.
Early in the New Year — Open house for ONE Yoga Sanctuary.


I am happy, humbled, excited and honored to invite you to continue with us, as ONE. As always, we want to hear your voice, your suggestions, your thoughts, your concerns.  Our strength is in our UNITY and diversity!


One Love Y’All,
Owner and Director
ONE Yoga Sanctuary

“We may explore the universe and find ourselves, or we may explore ourselves and find the universe. It matters not which of these paths we choose.” Diana Robinson

Sitting in the middle of No Where/Jungle Yoga/Thailand surrounded by the beauty, mystery, and lineage of this place that holds so much sacred to me.  The merging of 2 photos speaks volumes to me. [Read the rest of this entry...]

Practice For The Gulf: Practice for balance and the natural rhythm of our universe…within and without. Feel the Poetry.

The Moon has many mystical and magical qualities.  It is the Earths companion satellite and it is large enough to be responsible for stabilizing the Earths orbit and producing the regular ebb and flow of the tides
Ardha Chandrasan in Sanskrit or Half Moon pose.  Hang in the peaceful darkness of the night sky. [Read the rest of this entry...]

Sharing some news…

I will be traveling to the “land of smiles”…to the Buddhist Country of Thailand.  I am in awe of being able to immerse myself in study, practice, and adventure in one of the ancient homelands of yoga, ayurveda, and thai bodywork. [Read the rest of this entry...]

Warriors for mother earth – Video 1

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Yoga Chandra in the News

Yoga Chandra in the News – Courtesy of Island News:

The Insider’s Outing at Yoga Chandra with Kim Cech By Josefina Blanc

We know there are instructors, then there are teachers, and then there are masters. I once stumbled upon a master almost by complete accident in New York City, while trying to do some yoga for the first time. I didn’t know anything about it, and I mean nothing. In New York City you often have no idea whether you are looking at a dumpster or a masterpiece. Well, I was unknowingly looking at a masterpiece when I found Dharma Mittra Yoga Center through a couple of friends, but it did look more like a dumpster at first: a totally unassuming, wall-to-wall ugly carpeting yoga studio on 3rd Avenue.
[Read the rest of this entry...]


Kim Nichols-Cech passed away in the early evening of January 2nd, 2013 at Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC, at the age of 54, after a struggle with fulminate liver failure. Kim was born in Greenville, SC on February 10th, 1958. Early on, she showed that she would become a mover, both physically and emotionally, and an unstoppable creative force.

A professional modern dancer in her youth, she turned to yoga later on and brought it to her community in Beaufort, SC, when it was still most rare. As the owner of the now renowned Yoga Chandra Center for the Healing Arts, at the Lady’s Island Marina, she brought a deep understanding to the artistry, mechanics, and emotional language of the body to us all. She used the principles of yoga as an art-science to explore the vastness of our inner universe and how it poetically relates to our outer environment. She trained many and facilitated healing through her knowledge of countless disciplines. A natural and understated master yogi, and a true, humble leader in the community, she effected life after life, with unparalleled generosity and authenticity.

Her extensive travel abroad deepened her yoga practice, her love of nature and of cultural and spiritual diversity. At this time, her son AJ wishes to continue to promote his mother’s dream with yoga, and is already planning on teaching the classes his mother lived her life for. In passing, we are certain that her biggest concern would be for her son AJ’s welfare. Please consider donating any sum of money to this cause on her website Paypal account (Paypal button can be found under the obituary). These funds will go directly to assisting AJ.

A memorial service will also be announced in the following weeks, here on her web site: and

Facebook page:

Kim is survived by her son AJ, her siblings Kelly and Greg, her nieces Georgia and Emma, her nephews Clayton and Jayme Perry, and by a legion of loving students and friends.

Funeral home: Anderson Funeral Home

Messages of condolence for AJ may be sent to him at:

Please note this is NOT a non-profit for your tax purposes

Kim Nichols-Cech – YOGA QUEEN

Unfortunately Kim passed away in the early evening of January 2nd. Thoughts and prayers are with her much loved son AJ, her sister Kelly and brother Greg at this sorrowful time.

At this time AJ wishes to continue to promote his mothers dream with yoga, and is already planning on teaching the classes his mother lived her life for.

Please keep your thoughts and prayers with AJ, Kelly and Greg.

As we are all aware, Kim was so involved and concerned with many of the worlds issues. However, in passing, I’m sure her biggest concern would be for AJ and how he could cope in this world.

Please consider donating any sum of money to Kim’s Paypal account (Paypal button can be found under the obituary). These funds will go directly to AJ to help him make his way. Thank you so much.